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NSA Afan

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NSA Afan is a member led, community based regeneration organisation that is a Company Limited by Guarantee, (3674953) and a Registered Charity, (1088934) and it is governed by a Board of Director Trustees. The purpose of the organisation is to support regeneration to enable a better quality of life for people living in the most disadvantaged communities in the Swansea Bay Area.

Upcoming Events and Training

Below are a list of current courses and training being provided bt NSA AFan Communities First Team.

upcycling training Christmas Crafts Training
ICT Training with NSA PCCARE Nutrition Training
Lodge Accommodation Christmas Village Event


NSA Afan Annual Beach Festival a Huge Success.

Many thanks to the thousands who attended this years beach festival event click the links below to view pictures and videos on Facebook from the day.

Beach FestivalAberavon Beach Festival Page

Literacy and Numeracy Course Remember WW!

During the 14-18 Novembera major cultural programme is taking place across the United Kingdom to mark the centenary of the First World War. As part of the programme people across the country have been invited to consider the impact of war on one individual.

On platform one of Paddington Railway station there stands a war memorial. It is a statue of a soldier from world war one who is reading a letter. We do not know anything about the contents of the letter or who it is from. We have been encouraged to write what we imagine the letter might contain. This could include a letter that he received from someone written during the war or a letter written by someone today reflecting on the war and what it means to them.

Here are some examples of these letters written by people living in Port Talbot who attend literacy and numeracy courses arranged by NSA Afan.

Our Mission

1.1 Our mission statement is:

‘Supporting regeneration to enable a better quality of life
for communities.’

1.2 Our vision is:

‘Helping communities work together.’

1.3 Our values are:

Public service, Leadership, Selflessness, Integrity,
Objectivity, Honesty, Accountability and Stewardship.

NSA Afan Chief Executive Ian Isaac Promotional video via the DTA Website.


Please consider making a donation to NSA, visit Charity Giving to support our cause.



NSA Afan Events

NSA Afan Beach Festival

This years annual beach festival on the 4th of July, was another huge success. Feel free to visit the website and facebook for video's and pictures.

Visit BEACH FESTIVAL website for further information or follow us on FACEBOOK.

Direct link to the Beach Festival Video


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